Fairview Estates of Citrus Hills
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Architectural Control Board

You may contact our Architectural Board Members and Support Staff using the information provided below. Upcoming meeting information and schedules are located under the "Upcoming Board/Committee Meetings" page.

Fairview Property Owners Association Architectural Control Board (ACB)
Name Phone Email
Ken McNally  -  Chair/Covenant Secretary 352-341-1165      [email protected]
Barbara Keller  -  Construction Secretary 352-341-0967      [email protected]
Mary Ann Gehrke 616-893-9884      [email protected]
Jennifer Einspahr 352-419-3518      [email protected]


Upcoming Board/Committee Meetings
ACB meetings are held on the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month as needed at 10:00 AM at Villages Services Co-op, 2541 N. Reston Terrace, Hernando, FL. If you have any questions related to ACB activities, please contact Ken McNally at 352-341-1165.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!                           ACB Volunteer Form

The Fairview Estates Architectural Control Board (ACB) is looking for volunteers. Anyone interested in joining may contact the ACB through this website. Please fill out an ACB Volunteer form and send your completed document to Erica Barker at [email protected].


Request ACB Review for Approval form for Development of Property in Fairview Estates (a Deed Restricted Community).

CLICK HERE to Download/View/Print 


Blank Form for Report of a Deed Restriction Violation

CLICK HERE to Download/View/Print 


Reminder to Homeowners

1. Trash/Recycling containers, Electrical/Mechanicals to be shielded from street
2. Trash/Recycling containers to be placed outside the dwelling on the day of scheduled collection
3. Lawn & shrubs maintained
4. Changes to landscape needs ACB approval
5. Maintain exterior of home by repaint, new roof, repair damaged structures requires ACB Approval
6. Boat, Trailer, RV, etc permitted no more than 48 hours on property
7. Signs not to exceed 12 inches by 8 inches
8. Clean up dog waste



1. Submit the request for approval form at least 45 days prior to construction
2. Only clearing of the home site is allowed prior to receiving approval for construction
3. Containment of any exposed soil from erosion onto adjacent private property or public areas
4. NO construction is allowed until the ACB has exhausted its 30 days for the approval process and 15 days to notify of approval
5. Maintain the building site in a clean safe condition by providing an enclosure or receptacle for trash, scrap, and debris. 
A request for a variance from any covenant and restrictions concerning residential construction, landscape or maintenance items concerning the home or landscaping must be submitted in writing and submitted for the ACB prior to any work. Contact the ACB for any specific questions, concerns or interpretations. 
Architectural Control Board (General Information)
The Architectural Control Board (ACB) is a special committee of the Fairview Estates Board of Directors. The Chairman of the ACB is appointed by the President of the Board of Directors, subject to the approval of the Board. The ACB Committee members consist of volunteers who have expertise in various fields and are willing to devote the time and energy necessary to maintain Fairview Estates as a quality community.


It is a goal of the ACB to execute their duties as representatives of the Fairview Estates Property Owners' Association (FEPOA) in the application of the Fairview Estates Covenants and to work with property owners to resolve nonconformance conditions.   ACB duties include the approval process for all construction and renovations to property where the exterior appearance is of concern to the overall community. This includes new home plans, home additions, storage buildings, fences, landscaping, repainting and other changes that affect the appearance of any structure.


Chairman - Establish membership and meetings calendar. Coordinate ACB meetings and apply covenant requirements. Attend and report to FEPOA meetings. Review construction and residential change applications. Review covenant violations and resolutions.

Co-Chairman - Assist the Chairman and assume duties in the absence of the Chairman.

Secretary of Covenant Violations - Collect violations from representatives for designated areas. Make verbal contact with violator if deemed appropriate. Prepare and maintain record listing violation(s) and report status at an ACB Quarterly meeting or as needed. Prepare drafts and mailings of violation letters (joint duty with Chairman).

Secretary of Construction - Record applications and review meeting minutes.

Applications - Mail out notices of approval. Contact applicant verbally and mail notice of non-approved application (joint duty with Chairman). Review and maintain files, blueprints, applications, Covenant violations, meeting minutes (joint duty with Secretary of Covenants).

Covenant Representatives - Observe and record non-conforming issues on form. Make verbal contact with violator if deemed appropriate. Review at an ACB meeting and transfer information to Secretary of Covenant. Track issues for status, conformance, correction or resolution. Confirm that construction and changes conform to the ACB approved plans such as setbacks, materials, colors, concealments and landscape, etc.

Support Personnel - Support the team in case of an absence. Provide expertise and knowledge to discussions.


A quorum will be a minimum of three (3) and approvals require three (3) signatures. The Chairman will be the tie breaker. ACB members participate in establishment of criteria and interpretations as stated in the Covenants. Members shall discharge duties without bias, with fairness and according to the Covenants and establish criteria for the good of the community.

Brief Summary of the Fairview Estates Covenants

1. Homes must be at least 1,650 sq. ft. of living space.
2. Homes shall be single, detached dwellings for residential purposes only.
3. Any second structure (storage, workshop) must not exceed 14 ft by 14 ft and must be of the same design and material, etc., as the house.
4. No recreational vehicle, watercraft or trailer can be kept on any lot unless it is kept inside an approved structure.
5. A/C units and mechanical pool equipment must be shielded by enclosure, screen or shrubbery.
6. A maximum of two (2) domestic pets is allowed - no horses.
7. Fences are only allowed in the rear of the lot - no chain link or wire fencing. The use of rough hewn woods or natural planning fencing is encouraged.
8. All areas disturbed during construction are to be landscaped within 90 days after completion of construction.
9. All planned construction must be approved by the Architectural Control Board (ACB). A. Any Change or alteration to the exterior appearance must be approved by the ACB. B. This includes any post-construction changes such as repainting, additions, fences or other alterations.
10. Annual assessment is $75.00 per year per lot.
11. The Property Owners' Association will reimburse a resident for a fist-time mailbox up to a maximum of $75 (one-time only).

A full set of Covenants & Easements is available from FEPOA - Contact Us Here.